Monthly Archives: January 2018

My take on ‘Love’ by Alexander Milov

No picture seems to capture the feeling of this 4’x5’ painting of Alexander Milov’s “Love” sculpture. The colors are so intense, the Inner Children and the cage-like adult figures are practically sculpted in the paint. What a lovely adventure it was to paint this! And I feel like I don’t work in oil paint as much as I’d love to. The drying time is always an inhibitor for commissions, but the owner of the company that requested this piece didn’t mind waiting patiently. Please enjoy!

love alexander milov landscape


Hello 2018!

I welcomed in the new year in style once again, this time with a galaxy themed mask made of makeup. Looking forward to another year of being creative and glittery! Wishing you all a magical year!

2017 december 31 nye makeup