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Mother’s Day Gifts

After waiting to make sure all the mom’s received their new paintings, I can finally share these with you all! Meet Loki, Kaiya, and Kai! I am able to fit two more paintings into my schedule if you are looking for a unique and heartfelt gift for your dad.


Portrait of Faye

I love her regal pose on the cushions here. She looks like a little queen!

Portrait of Oreo

Easily the most dapper dog I have painted so far this year, look at this fluffy guy with his little bow tie! I love him!

Baloo and Lili

These two portraits went to one family. Doesn’t Baloo have the most fabulous mane of hair?

Portrait of Zoey

This was a special portrait because I personally know this dog and she might be my favorite! She’s the best girl and this is a classic Zoey face.

Portrait of Juno

Meet Juno!

Peacock Painting

This pair of canvases was designed to go together, putting the peacock body on one canvas and the tail primarily on the second. This was such a fun mixed media piece designed to match (and bring color to) the room it was painted for.

Christmas Portraits

I had to wait until after the holidays for these portraits to be gifted, and I am excited to finally share these with everyone!

Goodbye June Portraits

I was recently commissioned for a project that made my music-loving soul so happy! Please enjoy these colorful portraits of the member of Goodbye June! My friend Kathy brought these to a show as gifts for the band last month. I hope they love them!

Is this a good time to mention my other project? I have a concert review blog with my friend Natalie. If you also love music please check out A Concerted Effort!

Portrait of CC

pet portrait cc

A painting of CC, who lived a long happy life with my sister and is greatly missed.