Examples of my cosplays + costume makeup.

Halloween Makeup Looks. 2019

Sugar Skull for a halloween karaoke party

Retsuko Cosplay. 2019

Sixth Doctor Bunny Hutch Cosplay. 2018

Hand painted K9 Poodle skirt. 2017


Various Halloween Makeup looks from 2016.

Steampunk Queen of Hearts. Made everything except the base of the corset. 2016.


Memorial TARDIS gown and crown. Altered and handpainted dress. Crafted headpiece. 2016.


Marriott Carpet Tribute Dress. Created for Dragoncon. Slightly altered dress, then handpainted. 2016.


Ghostbuster in Ecto-1, primarily constructed of wood, hand painted. 2016.


Zombie Bride. Altered and painted wedding gown. 2016.

Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Closet cosplay, made the ears, did my makeup. 2016

Gatsby Party. 2015.


Princess Vader. A fun cosplay I made for various Star Wars events or a quick, comfy costume. 2015

img_7584 img_7548

Monster Book of Monsters. Cosplay Prop, various materials. 2015.

img_7315img_7318 img_7317

Delorean box car. mostly cardboard and paint. 2015.

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Victorian TARDIS. Made by me, except corset. 2014.


Steampunk Belle. My first official cosplay. 2013

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