Examples of my cosplays as well as some costume makeup.

Hand painted K9 Poodle skirt. 2017


Various Halloween Makeup looks from 2016.

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Steampunk Queen of Hearts. Made everything except the base of the corset. 2016.

img_1718img_1520 img_1501 img_1061 img_1043


Memorial TARDIS gown and crown. Altered and handpainted dress. Crafted headpiece. 2016.

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Marriott Carpet Tribute Dress. Created for Dragoncon. Slightly altered dress, then handpainted. 2016.



Ghostbuster in Ecto-1, primarily constructed of wood, hand painted. 2016.


img_0078 img_0076 img_0074



Zombie Bride. Altered and painted wedding gown. 2016.

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Killer Rabbit from Monty Python and the Holy Grail. Closet cosplay, made the ears, did my makeup. 2016

img_4004 img_4005 img_4006


Gatsby Party Look. Put together the outfit, did my own makeup. Made the stylized mask. 2015.



Princess Vader. A fun cosplay I made for various Star Wars events or a quick, comfy costume. 2015

img_7584 img_7548


Monster Book of Monsters. Cosplay Prop, various materials. 2015.

img_7315img_7318 img_7317


Delorean box car. mostly cardboard and paint. 2015.

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Victorian TARDIS. Made by me, except corset. 2014.

img_4711 img_4693img_3716


Steampunk Belle. My first really intense costume. I love it so much I wear it every year! 2013

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img_4574 img_4439


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