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Halloween Recap

This is my favorite time of year! The weather is cooler, everything comes in pumpkin flavor, and you can wear a costume almost every day without people questioning you! I had several opportunities to play with costume makeup this year, and of course we had some fun carving pumpkins. Happy Halloween, everyone!


Dragon Costume Makeup

As I was volunteering at a Game of Thrones event over the weekend, I wanted to do something in theme but didn’t have time to make a costume. So I pulled out the costume make up stash and invented this dragon inspired costume makeup. Photos don’t do it justice… it’s infinitely more sparkly than it appears.

2017 july 17 dragon makeup got party

Last Minute Superhero!

I was able to pull together a quick costume with fun props and makeup in the few hours before the Markster Con Superhero Pub Crawl where I was a registration volunteer. I enjoyed wearing this so much I might even bring it to Momocon!