Monthly Archives: June 2020

A Few More Dog Portraits

I have been busy working on portraits of dogs this month! Meet Bosko, Ginger, and Zoe!


Father’s Day Gifts

Here are the last two father’s day gifts I painted this year! I have been waiting to share them! A cat named Nola with striking green eyes, and a small father + daughter portrait! Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there!

Portraits of Louie & Lily

Have you ever seen such a dapper pair of dogs?? Louie and Lily are dressed in their finest for this matching set of small square canvases. I have to admit a tiny bow tie and a little blep of the tongue gets me every time!

Birthday Portrait

My friend’s daughter reached out to me and requested this painting for her birthday. This is her favorite old photo with pets from her past. It was an honor to recreate this beloved photo! Happy birthday, my friend!!

Portrait of Steven & King Caesar

I have been getting several requests to paint people which, outside of a few musicians, I never really take commissions on. I did accept a few this summer to see how I like doing them. Here is the first one to share. Meet Steven & King Caesar.

Portraits of Finn & Munson

This pairing on small, thick square canvases were designed to sit on a shelf together. Finn the cat and Munson the dog.

Bedroom Mural

I was giving free range to paint a mural with trees in a bedroom. I was inspired by Sleeping Beauty concept art by Eyvind Earle in the 50s. My client wanted to give the bedroom a gentle, relaxing feel and I thought there was no better story to inspire rest than Sleeping Beauty!