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Father’s Day Gifts

Here are the last two father’s day gifts I painted this year! I have been waiting to share them! A cat named Nola with striking green eyes, and a small father + daughter portrait! Happy Father’s Day to all of you dads out there!


Birthday Portrait

My friend’s daughter reached out to me and requested this painting for her birthday. This is her favorite old photo with pets from her past. It was an honor to recreate this beloved photo! Happy birthday, my friend!!

Portrait of Steven & King Caesar

I have been getting several requests to paint people which, outside of a few musicians, I never really take commissions on. I did accept a few this summer to see how I like doing them. Here is the first one to share. Meet Steven & King Caesar.

Goodbye June Portraits

I was recently commissioned for a project that made my music-loving soul so happy! Please enjoy these colorful portraits of the member of Goodbye June! My friend Kathy brought these to a show as gifts for the band last month. I hope they love them!

Is this a good time to mention my other project? I have a concert review blog with my friend Natalie. If you also love music please check out A Concerted Effort!

Portraits of The Struts

You know I am a massive fan of UK rock band The Struts, and as I am headed to Nashville for a show in a couple days, I really felt compelled to do a little something for the band members. I found these great magnet-backed small canvas panels and thought they might be a nice way for a band on tour to keep up with a bit of art.

monochrome portraits of The Struts

Adam Slack in orange, Luke Spiller in purple, Jed Elliot in blue, and Gethin Davies in green.