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TamaraPaints365 week 5

Country’s BBQ – Vintage Greyhound Logo

Yesterday I had the honor of painting the iconic vintage greyhound-turned-dining room of Country’s BBQ on Broadway. I am so excited that people will see a little something of mine everyday! And if it was done well enough, they may not even realize it as they will think it was there the whole time.


I mean, how many artists can say they got to paint on a 1947 silverside greyhound bus? That people eat in? See more pictures here.


TamaraPaints365 week 4

Prints are a GO!

My test prints came in a day early and they are perfection! I have decided on a printer! Look out for more info coming soon on how you may own a piece of my artwork.


Strut the Hooch Parade

I wore my Ecto-1 in the 3rd Annual Strut the Hooch Parade on Saturday! It was fun to get to wear this costume that has been put away since Dragon Con!

Thanks to the Ledger Enquirer and Grace and Charm Photography for these great shots!

Exciting things in the future!

Just wanted to update you guys… I have lot’s of pending excitement!

  • Prints! Test prints are being delivered on Wednesday, and then I will be able to say whether or not prints are a go! *crosses fingers*
  • I have applied for Zoo Atlanta’s Art Gone Wild event. I won’t know until April 14th if I was one of the artists accepted. *crosses toes*
  • I have also applied for acceptance into a gallery in Uptown Columbus. I have no idea what the timeframe is on a response to that. *pretzels body*

Stay tuned!

TamaraPaints365 Week 3

Recap of week 3! I’m a little late in posting, but I had an exciting and busy week!